Tenome – 手の目 20. July 2023

Tenome are highly agile hunters who cunningly masquerade as blind elderly men. According to various legends, their origin stories differ, with some tales suggesting they arise from the land and sky, while others claim they are formed from the souls of those who died blind.

The Appearance

Tenome closely resemble old zato, visually impaired guildmasters, adorned with bald heads, wrinkled skin, and traditional long kimonos. However, the most striking aspect of these creatures is their peculiar eyes, situated not on their faces but on the palms of their hands.

The Behavior

Under the cloak of night, Tenome traverse open fields and graveyards, stealthily hunting humans. While their eyesight may not be impressive, their heightened sense of smell enables them to track their prey with precision. Surprisingly agile and swift, they catch their victims off guard, leaving them with no chance to escape. Once captured, the Tenome extract every ounce of their victims, leaving behind only lifeless skin and bones.

A Tenome Legend

An eerie encounter unfolds as a traveler finds himself in the presence of a seemingly blind man approaching him. To the traveler’s terror, he realizes that the man’s eyes rest on his hands rather than his face. Hastily, the traveler flees to an inn, recounting the chilling experience to the innkeeper. The innkeeper reveals that a blind man had suffered a tragic fate in the same area, yearning to glimpse the faces of his assailants and wishing for eyes even on his palms. This desire manifested, transforming him into the vengeful Yokai known as Tenome, forever cursed with eyes in his hands. Explore the enigmatic world of Tenome, where the boundary between life and death intertwines with chilling vengeance.

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