Yuki Onna Illustration

Yuki onna – 雪女 29. March 2023

Yuki onna are snow women, or snow witches. They seek out lost travelers – preferably men – during heavy snowstorms and steal their life energy by kissing them. The appearance Yuki onna are beautiful to look at. They appear as very tall petite women (up to 3m tall). The most striking feature is their extremely fair and flawless skin, which is so light that it resembles snow and sometimes even appears almost transparent. In contrast,…

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Hannya Illustration

Hannya – 般若

Hannya belong to the Oni group and are female demons, also known as Kijo. They were once human women who transformed into demons due to extreme jealousy towards their husbands. These demons possess black magic and use it to punish men. Hannya is derived from the Sanskrit word for wisdom and also refers to a specific mask used in the Noh theater. The Appearance There are three types of Hannya demons, each with unique appearances…

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Chōchin-obake Illustration

Chōchin-obake – 提灯お化け

The Chōchin-obake belongs to the group of tsukumogami – objects that develop a soul and come to life after 100 years. The Chōchin-obake object is a traditional folding lantern made of paper or silk. When it reaches its hundredth birthday, it tears open along one of the wooden ribs on one side. This is how a mouth is formed. From it protrudes a large moist tongue, which sometimes carries a candle. In the upper half,…

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Tanuki Illustration

Tanuki – 狸

Tanuki, also known as Japanese raccoon dogs, are a popular figure in Japanese folklore and culture. They are known for their mischievous and playful behavior, as well as their association with good luck and prosperity. The Appearance The Tanuki is a shape-shifting animal of Japan that can appear in various forms. In their natural form, they walk on four legs, are nocturnal and shy around humans. They are often confused with raccoons, but are actually…

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Sarugami Illustration

Sarugami – 猿神 9. January 2022

The Sarugami is a mythical creature from Japanese folklore that was once revered as a divine being, but has since fallen from grace and become a feared and reviled monster. In this article, we will explore the appearance, behavior and decline, as well as a popular legend surrounding this creature. The appearance In terms of appearance, they look like Japanese macaques, but they are much larger, reaching up to two meters in height. They are…

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