Kama Itachi Illustration

Kama Itachi – 鎌鼬 31. March 2024

Some Yokai are somewhat special and are based on natural phenomena. In this case, the phenomenon of very strong winds (today’s devil) and sharp grass. According to Japanese legends, however, the winds are not responsible for the stumbles that can cause such phenomena, nor is the sharp grass responsible for the small cuts in the legs. It is the Kama Itachi. The Appearance Kama Itachi are white weasels that are said to have extremely long,…

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Inugami Illustration

Inugami – 犬神 29. February 2024

Inugami, enigmatic spirits of possession, are prevalent in Kyushu, Shikoku, and other regions of Western Japan. Masquerading as ordinary dogs in public to seamlessly blend into society, their true form unveils a desiccated, mummified canine head, often adorned in ceremonial garb, safeguarded within a clandestine shrine within their owner’s home. THE APPEARANCE In public, an Inugami adopts the guise of an ordinary canine, ensuring its inconspicuous presence. However, its authentic form reveals a desiccated, mummified…

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Masaki Gitsune Illustration

Masaki Gitsune – 政木狐 9. January 2024

Masaki Gitsune is not a separate yokai species but the legend of a certain powerful, nine-tailed female kitsune who became famous for her long and intense life. The legend comes from the novel “Nansō satomi hakkenden” (“The Chronicles of the Eight Dogs”). The legend At a time when Kawagoi Moriyuki ruled over Shinobu no Oka Castle, a pregnant kitsune sought a safe haven beneath the castle. Moriyuki’s kind wife allowed her to stay there and…

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Hakutaku Illustration

Hakutaku – 白澤 18. July 2023

Hakutaku originates from China, where it is known as Bai Ze. This being is almost omniscient, displaying great compassion as it consumes people’s bad dreams and experiences. It is considered a rare symbol of luck. The Appearance The hakutaku’s appearance varies in different tales. Some describe it as a mixture of a horned white tiger and a dragon body. Others portray it as cat-like with a dragon head and green hair. however, in Japanese mythology,…

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Baku Illustration

Baku – 獏 29. March 2023

The Baku is a chimera-like creature that has its origins in China. According to legend, it was the last animal created by the gods. Due to having only remnants of other animals left, they put them together and the Baku was born. Thus, it has the body of a bear, the head of an elephant, the eyes of a rhinoceros, the tail of an ox, and the legs of a tiger. The behavior Unlike many…

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Tanuki Illustration

Tanuki – 狸

Tanuki, also known as Japanese raccoon dogs, are a popular figure in Japanese folklore and culture. They are known for their mischievous and playful behavior, as well as their association with good luck and prosperity. The Appearance The Tanuki is a shape-shifting animal of Japan that can appear in various forms. In their natural form, they walk on four legs, are nocturnal and shy around humans. They are often confused with raccoons, but are actually…

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Sarugami Illustration

Sarugami – 猿神 9. January 2022

The Sarugami is a mythical creature from Japanese folklore that was once revered as a divine being, but has since fallen from grace and become a feared and reviled monster. In this article, we will explore the appearance, behavior and decline, as well as a popular legend surrounding this creature. The appearance In terms of appearance, they look like Japanese macaques, but they are much larger, reaching up to two meters in height. They are…

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