Kuchisake Onna Illustration

Kuchisake Onna – 口裂け女 5. September 2023

Kuchisake Onna belongs to a chilling group of vengeful spirit women who suffered mutilation during their lifetimes. So they return as Yokai to seek revenge. Unlike other Yokai, Kuchisake Onna remained a prevalent figure in Japanese folklore, inciting waves of hysteria that continued until 1979. The Appearance At night, Kuchisake Onna takes on the guise of a striking young woman, concealing the lower half of her face. In earlier accounts, she adorned a traditional kimono,…

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Yuki Onna Illustration

Yuki onna – 雪女 29. March 2023

Yuki onna are snow women, or snow witches. They seek out lost travelers – preferably men – during heavy snowstorms and steal their life energy by kissing them. The appearance Yuki onna are beautiful to look at. They appear as very tall petite women (up to 3m tall). The most striking feature is their extremely fair and flawless skin, which is so light that it resembles snow and sometimes even appears almost transparent. In contrast,…

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