Inugami Illustration

Inugami – 犬神 29. February 2024

Inugami, enigmatic spirits of possession, are prevalent in Kyushu, Shikoku, and other regions of Western Japan. Masquerading as ordinary dogs in public to seamlessly blend into society, their true form unveils a desiccated, mummified canine head, often adorned in ceremonial garb, safeguarded within a clandestine shrine within their owner’s home. THE APPEARANCE In public, an Inugami adopts the guise of an ordinary canine, ensuring its inconspicuous presence. However, its authentic form reveals a desiccated, mummified…

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Sarugami Illustration

Sarugami – 猿神 9. January 2022

The Sarugami is a mythical creature from Japanese folklore that was once revered as a divine being, but has since fallen from grace and become a feared and reviled monster. In this article, we will explore the appearance, behavior and decline, as well as a popular legend surrounding this creature. The appearance In terms of appearance, they look like Japanese macaques, but they are much larger, reaching up to two meters in height. They are…

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