Biwa Bokuboku Illustration

Biwa Bokuboku – 琵琶牧々 21. July 2023

Biwa Bokuboku belongs to the group of Tsukumogami. These are objects that develop a life of their own after a hundred years of existence. These Tsukumogami are not inherently violent, but their behavior can vary depending on how they are treated by their owners. Ranging from being pleasant companions to becoming quite unpleasant. The Appearance Biwa Bokuboku has a unique and intriguing appearance. Resembling a conventional Biwa instrument with a human body grown out of…

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Chōchin-obake Illustration

Chōchin-obake – 提灯お化け 29. March 2023

The Chōchin-obake belongs to the group of tsukumogami – objects that develop a soul and come to life after 100 years. The Chōchin-obake object is a traditional folding lantern made of paper or silk. When it reaches its hundredth birthday, it tears open along one of the wooden ribs on one side. This is how a mouth is formed. From it protrudes a large moist tongue, which sometimes carries a candle. In the upper half,…

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