Daitengu Patch-Set

Tengu Patch-Set


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Explore my Daitengu Patch-Set!

Daitengus live in solitude in the mountains of Japan and spend their lives meditating with the goal of perfecting themselves. Apart from their wings, they have a human shape and wear the robe of the Yamabushi monks. Their appearance is characterized by a red face and an extremely long nose (the longer the nose, the more powerful the Tengu). Tengus are very wild, but also intelligent. They are often said to have caused major natural disasters. In former times Tengus were declared as Yokais, but now they are depicted as godlike and are counted among the 10 lucky gods. So you better not mess with them!

For a closer look at Daitengu’s mythology, delve into its lore here, or explore visuals on my Instagram page.

Dive into the features of this Daitengu Patch-Set:

With these 3 patches you can turn any piece of clothing into an eye-catcher. The set consists of the large Tengu patch, the middle “ふざけんな!” (Don’t fuck with me!) lettering and the small “大天狗” (Daitengu) lettering.

Daitengu Patch: 19,5 x 15,5 cm
Middle Lettering: 15 x 3 cm
Small Lettering: 2,3 x 7,5 cm

Material: Made of polyester blend with embroidered borders.

Application: We recommend to use organic cotton products. Some materials, such as mesh or coated fabrics, sweaters, ribbed fabrics, or fabrics with a lot of stretch/rough surface may not be suitable for iron-on patches.

Lay the clean garment on a flat surface. Turn the iron on. Ensure steam is off with no water in the iron. Switch to cotton setting (typically a higher temp.) Place the patch (facing up) onto the garment where desired. Place a towel or cotton cloth over the patch area. Apply pressure with the iron in circular motions over the patch area 1-3 mins. to ensure adhesion. Allow the patch to cool. Flip the garment inside-out, apply direct heat with iron onto the areas until adhered. Once again, allow the patch to cool. Check that the patch has adhered completely. (Repeat steps 4-6 if necessary.) Enjoy your new Daitengu patch garment!

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Dimensions 30 × 22 × 0.5 cm

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  1. miles.hotsoup (verified owner)

    I think there is a connection between this guys’ nose and how cool he is. Looking into this.

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