Kyōrinrin Bookmark

Wooden Bookmark with “Kyōrinrin”.


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Explore my Kyōrinrin Bookmark!

Kyōrinrin is a spirit of knowledge that exists in ancient scrolls, books, and manuscripts long neglected by their owners. People often spot these ghostly beings in the most exquisite volumes and scrolls, adorning them extravagantly like a kimono. They form tassels and ribbons into elaborate headdresses and even develop bird-like beaks and long, retractable arms. Driven by their thirst for knowledge, the Kyōrinrin spirits assume a dragon-like form and extend their arms to attack those who would ignore or reject the precious knowledge contained in the forgotten scrolls. Kyōrinrin powerfully reminds us of the importance of preserving the wisdom of the past and passing it down from generation to generation to prevent it from fading into oblivion.

You can find more Yokai knowledge here and more drawings on my Instagram page!

Dive into the features of this Kyōrinrin Bookmark:

Height without Tassel: 15  x 4,4  x 0,15 cm
Tassel Length: 9 cm

Material: We crafted this bookmark from high-quality birch wood, 1.5 mm thick. This wood is durable and thus guarantees longevity.

Design: We used a laser to cut/engrave the design into the wood.

Tip: To enhance the color of the wood and the engraving even further and to maintain the bookmark in general, you can easily treat it with cooking oil. For this you can simply put a little oil on a paper towel and dab it from both sides on your bookmark (do not stroke!). It is important to let it soak in overnight on a clean paper to prevent grease stains in your books.

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Dimensions 10 × 23 × 0.5 cm

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  1. Jeanir (verified owner)

    Super schönes Lesezeichen! Mir gefällt das Design und die filigrane Prägung sehr.

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