Protectif Yōkai – Glow in the Dark Pins

Protectif Yōkais – Glow in the Dark Pins


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Explore my Protectif Yōkai – Glow in the Dark Pins!

Not all Yokai are malevolent. Instead, there are rare benevolent Yokai that protect people or forewarn of grave pandemics. You can discover three of them here.

Kirin: Kirin is a sacred creature, closely resembling a deer with protective scales. It treads gently, never harming even a blade of grass, symbolizing luck and peace.

Amabie: This fish-like entity, adorned with long hair and three legs, emerged from the sea to prophesy a pandemic. Sharing its image offers protection and healing against diseases and misfortune.

Baku: Baku, created as the last divine being, is a unique blend of features, boasting an elephant’s head, rhinoceros eyes, a bear’s body, tiger legs, and an ox’s tail. It safeguards humans and consumes their nightmares.

You can find more Yokai knowledge here and more drawings on my Instagram page!

Dive into the features of these “Protectif Yōkai – Glow in the Dark Pins”:

Kirin: 36,4 x 45 mm
Amabie: 25,4 x 35 mm
Baku: 37,2 x 40 mm

Material: These pins are meticulously crafted with a glossy gunmetal finish in a hard enamel style. The red color contains light-storing pigments, allowing them to glow in the dark. To enhance their durability, they’re coated with an extra layer of epoxy on top.

Comfort: Securely attach these pins to clothing, bags, caps, and more using the rubber clutch closure.

Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 1 cm

Kirin, Amabie, Baku


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