Yokai-Daruma Pins

Daruma Pins


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Explore my Yokai-Daruma Pins!

The Daruma is a traditional Japanese lucky charm with a fascinating ritual. When you acquire a Daruma, it lacks eyes. You embark on a personal journey by drawing the right eye while making a heartfelt wish or setting a goal. Once your wish is fulfilled or your goal achieved, you complete the Daruma by drawing its left eye.

The culmination of this ritual signifies not only the realization of your aspiration but also a profound sense of accomplishment. At this point, it’s customary to express gratitude for your success and, in some traditions, to ceremonially burn the Daruma as an offering.

With these Yokai-Daruma Pins, you carry the essence of this cultural treasure and the spirit of perseverance, luck, and achievement wherever you go.

You can find more Yokai knowledge here and more drawings on my Instagram page!

Dive into the features of these Yokai-Daruma Pins:

Size: 23,7 x 25,4 mm

Material: Crafted with a beautiful, shiny Gunmetal finish in Hard Enamel style.

Comfort: Securely attach them to dresses, bags, caps, and more with the Butterfly clutch closure.

Weight 0.008 kg
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 1 cm

Black-Oni Daruma, White-Tengu Daruma, Red-Bakeneko Daruma


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