Bake Icho No Sei Illustration

Bake ichō no sei – 化け銀杏の精 19. July 2023

The Bake ichō no sei, a mysterious yokai from Japanese folklore, remains shrouded in enigma. Initially described as the spirit of an ancient ginkgo tree in an 18th-century record, specific details about this creature were lacking until later defined by Mizuki Shigeru. The Appearance Bake ichō no sei is an imposing figure, boasting a massive stature with skin reminiscent of the vibrant yellow hue of ginkgo leaves during autumn. Cloaked in tattered black kimonos and…

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Yamata no Orochi Illustration

Yamata no Orochi – 八岐大蛇 29. March 2023

Yamata no Orochi, or “eight-headed, eight-tailed snake,” is a legendary creature in Japanese mythology. Its appearance is described as a gigantic snake, whose body is as large as eight valleys and can cover eight hills. Even fir, cypress trees and moss grow on its back. In some stories, the snake is described as completely black. In others it has glowing red eyes and a red, inflamed and bleeding belly. However, the main feature is the…

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Gashadokuro Illustration

Gashadokuro – がしゃどくろ

Gashadokuro is a terrifying Yokai, a giant skeletal monster that embodies the hatred and resentment of the dead. As per legend, it’s formed when the bodies of those who die in battles remain unburied, and their despair and anger coalesce into a 10-meter-tall skeleton. At night, it roams around, hunting people and emitting a rattling sound. If it captures a human, it crushes them or bites off their head, drinking their blood. Since fighting it…

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