Masaki Gitsune Illustration

Masaki Gitsune – 政木狐 9. January 2024

Masaki Gitsune is not a separate yokai species but the legend of a certain powerful, nine-tailed female kitsune who became famous for her long and intense life. The legend comes from the novel “Nansō satomi hakkenden” (“The Chronicles of the Eight Dogs”). The legend At a time when Kawagoi Moriyuki ruled over Shinobu no Oka Castle, a pregnant kitsune sought a safe haven beneath the castle. Moriyuki’s kind wife allowed her to stay there and…

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Jorogumo Illustration

Jorōgumo – 絡新婦 29. March 2023

Jorōgumo, a legendary creature, is said to originate from a 400-year-old golden orb-weaver that develops magical powers and a half-humanoid, half-arachnoid appearance due to its age. Its upper body looks like a beautiful young woman, while its lower body is that of a giant spider. Jorōgumo are highly intelligent and cold-hearted, viewing humans (preferably men) as nothing more than insects fit for consumption. They lure young men into their lair and torture them to death…

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Kitsune Illustration

Kitsune – 狐

Kitsune, the Japanese word for fox, refers to both the conventional fox and the version with paranormal magical powers. Kitsune can be divided into two main groups – the Zenko, or “good foxes,” which are sacred foxes considered servants of the deity Inari and messengers between gods and humans, and the Yako, or “field foxes,” which are wild and mischievous but also keep promises and return favors. The appearance Kitsune usually look like regular foxes,…

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Bakeneko Illustration

Bakeneko – 化け猫

In Japan, there is a wide variety of cats that can be found everywhere. Like other animals (or even objects), cats develop supernatural abilities when they reach a great age (in this case, over 13 years) or gain weight (over 3.75 kg) and become a Yōkai. One type of Yōkai that cats can become is the Bakeneko. A telltale sign that a cat will soon transform into a Bakeneko is a tail that grows longer.…

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Tanuki Illustration

Tanuki – 狸

Tanuki, also known as Japanese raccoon dogs, are a popular figure in Japanese folklore and culture. They are known for their mischievous and playful behavior, as well as their association with good luck and prosperity. The Appearance The Tanuki is a shape-shifting animal of Japan that can appear in various forms. In their natural form, they walk on four legs, are nocturnal and shy around humans. They are often confused with raccoons, but are actually…

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