Hakutaku Illustration

Hakutaku – 白澤 18. July 2023

Hakutaku originates from China, where it is known as Bai Ze. This being is almost omniscient, displaying great compassion as it consumes people’s bad dreams and experiences. It is considered a rare symbol of luck. The Appearance The hakutaku’s appearance varies in different tales. Some describe it as a mixture of a horned white tiger and a dragon body. Others portray it as cat-like with a dragon head and green hair. however, in Japanese mythology,…

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Yuki Onna Illustration

Yuki onna – 雪女 29. March 2023

Yuki onna are snow women, or snow witches. They seek out lost travelers – preferably men – during heavy snowstorms and steal their life energy by kissing them. The appearance Yuki onna are beautiful to look at. They appear as very tall petite women (up to 3m tall). The most striking feature is their extremely fair and flawless skin, which is so light that it resembles snow and sometimes even appears almost transparent. In contrast,…

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Sarugami Illustration

Sarugami – 猿神 9. January 2022

The Sarugami is a mythical creature from Japanese folklore that was once revered as a divine being, but has since fallen from grace and become a feared and reviled monster. In this article, we will explore the appearance, behavior and decline, as well as a popular legend surrounding this creature. The appearance In terms of appearance, they look like Japanese macaques, but they are much larger, reaching up to two meters in height. They are…

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