Dodomeki Illustration

Dodomeki – 百々目鬼 11. May 2023

Dodomeki are cursed women or girls who tend to steal money. The curse gives them a bizarre appearance. They have the ability to conjure fire and let poisonous fumes pour out of their mouths. Appearance The Dodomeki resembles a very tall woman with shaggy black hair. The appearance of the Dodomeki is influenced by many puns from Japan. For example, they have very long arms, which is a figure of speech in Japan for someone…

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Yuki Onna Illustration

Yuki onna – 雪女 29. March 2023

Yuki onna are snow women, or snow witches. They seek out lost travelers – preferably men – during heavy snowstorms and steal their life energy by kissing them. The appearance Yuki onna are beautiful to look at. They appear as very tall petite women (up to 3m tall). The most striking feature is their extremely fair and flawless skin, which is so light that it resembles snow and sometimes even appears almost transparent. In contrast,…

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