Kappa Art Print

Kappa Art Print


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Explore my Kappa Art Print!

Kappa means “river child”, which already tells a lot about its habitat. Their appearance resembles a mixture of a 3 year old human child and a turtle. Despite their small stature, they are stronger than any adult. Other features include 3 anuses that allow them to fart 3x more than a human and a bowl-shaped cavity in their head that must always be filled with water – if it is empty the kappa dries up and can die. Kappas are very intelligent and can speak the human language. They also love to wrestle with humans. There are only 2 things the kappa loves more, one is cucumbers and raw offal (especially human intestines), so it is advisable to always take a cucumber with you if you go to a body of water in Japan.

For a closer look at Kappa mythology, delve into its lore here, or explore captivating visuals on my Instagram page.

Dive into the features of this Kappa Art Print:

Sizes: Choose from two available sizes:
Small: 20.5 x 29.7 cm
Large: 29 x 42 cm

Print and Material: I meticulously craft my Kappa Print on Hanemüle watercolor paper using a special ‘pigment printing process. This method ensures a remarkable color density, guaranteeing that the vibrant hues of the artwork remain strikingly vivid over time. This print is a testament to both artistic quality and durability.

Limitation: We produce each design in limited quantities, with only 20 pieces available per size. We number each print on the back, adding an element of exclusivity to your collection and creating a true collector’s item.

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S – 20,5 x 29,7 cm, L – 29 x 42 cm


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