Jorōgumo T-shirt

Comfortable unisex t-shirt in black with a big “Jorogumo” back print and a small print on the front.


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Explore my Jorōgumo T-shirt!

A captivating embodiment of the legendary creature that has fascinated generations. According to folklore, the Jorōgumo originates from a 400-year-old golden orb-weaver spider. One that has evolved to develop magical powers and acquire a half-humanoid, half-arachnoid appearance due to its ancient age. Jorōgumo creatures possess intelligence and a cold-hearted nature, seeing humans as nothing more than insects meant for their consumption. They employ tactics to lure victims into their lairs, where they subject them to slow and agonizing deaths.

For a closer look at Jorōgumo’s mythology, delve into its lore here, or explore visuals on my Instagram page.

Dive into the features of this Jorōgumo T-shirt:

Fit: Designed for both men and women, this shirt offers a versatile unisex fit that suits a wide range of body types.
Size Guide: Refer to my Size Guide to ensure the perfect fit for you.

Material: Crafted from 100% combed ring-spun organic cotton, this shirt offers a premium feel while also promoting sustainability.

Design: Adorned with a big captivating two-color screen print on the back and a small one on the front. As a little extra, there is a  distinct red loop label at the right sleeve. My Jorōgumo T-shirt stands out as a unique and artistic piece.

Comfort: Featuring a ribbed knit neckline with dropped neck tape and wide double topstitching at sleeve ends and bottom hem, this shirt guarantees comfort without compromising on style.

I’m proud to inform you that this T-shirt was produced by Stanley/Stella, a brand that is synonymous with the highest sustainability standards. Their commitment to eco-friendly production and fair working conditions is unwavering. Notably, Stanley/Stella proudly holds Fairtrade certification, serving as a testament to their dedication to producing ethical, vegan clothing that you can wear with pride.

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2 reviews for Jorōgumo T-shirt

  1. Jeanine (verified owner)

    Der Print und der Stoff sind sehr hochwertig. Habe bereits 2 Shirts und nach den ganzen Wäschen ist noch nichts abgeblättert oder ausgeblichen. 👌🏻
    Ich finde die Designs wirklich sehr sehr cool! 🍀

  2. Jeanine (verified owner)

    Das Shirt und der Print haben eine wirklich ausgezeichnete Qualität. Habe bereits 2 Shirts und nach mehrmaligem Waschen ist noch nichts ausgeblichen oder abgeblättert. 👌🏻
    Ich finde die Designs der Yokai’s sehr cool! 🍀

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