Koma Inu double Pin

Koma Inu double Pin


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Explore my Koma Inu double Pin!

Koma inu, the sacred guardians of Shinto shrines, boast a unique appearance that seamlessly blends canine and leonine features. Their magnificent manes and robust physiques make them easily recognizable, and they always appear in pairs. The male Koma inu, with its open mouth representing the sound ‘a,’ has the important duty of guarding the shrine or building itself. On the other hand, the female counterpart features a closed mouth, often adorned with a horn on her head. This horn, symbolizing the sound ‘un,’ closely associates itself with the protection of the shrine’s inhabitants. What’s particularly fascinating is that in Japan, the combined sounds ‘a’ and ‘un’ hold a special significance, revered as ‘om,’ a mystical syllable signifying both the beginning and the end of all things.

You can find more Yokai knowledge here and more drawings on my Instagram page!

Dive into the features of these Koma Inu double Pin with removable chain:

Koma Inu Pins: 24 x 28 mm
Chain lenght: 16 cm

Material: We meticulously crafted these pins, giving them a beautiful, shiny Gunmetal finish that highlights their exquisite Hard Enamel style.

Comfort: These pins offer versatile utility, whether you choose to use them as closures for jaken or haori, or as stylish decorations for shirt collars. Thanks to the 16 cm long chain, you have the flexibility to adjust the length according to your preferences by simply wrapping the chain around the pins. This ensures a secure attachment to dresses, bags, caps, and various other items using the Butterfly clutch closure.

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Dimensions 10.2 × 7.6 × 1 cm


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